Christine Arctander
(Architect M.aa)
The presented works is a study of architecture and its context, building culture and construction, aiming to link a number of different questions to the artistic field in order to create an architecture that is part of the contemporary.
Villa Matrjosjka

Villa Matryoshka explores alternative grips for the building in the city and uses the villa as a matrix for the collision of the forces that shape and dictate contemporary architecture.
Type: Online exhibition
Christine Arctander 2021
Elmegade 4

ØSA has been advisors on the interior of the bar. We have created a homely place that combines the simple and homely with a neoclassical decadence. Here, frescoes a la the Italian Renaissance have been recreated with a simple chalk line that draws grape motifs on the walls. The task was to transform a low-ceilinged and upholstered room into a clean and simple background for a home furniture. The building's mineral elements such as granite, brick and marble are highlighted. The walls have been cleaned of moldings and wood panels and are partly with new whitewash, partly with fields of the site's previous layers. 
Type: Bar
Client: Vivant bar Copenhagen
Studio ØSA 2021
The Accordion 
The workshop (NO Verkstedet) , is named after the musical instrument, which in its dynamic form draws air in and out of its chambers filled with metal tongues that vibrate in the air currents. The workshop is designed by a varied pattern consisting of triangles, which in the same way as the instrument plays with different voltages of energy from open to closed. The energy spans between haze see extremes. The amplitude and wavelength of the triangle reflect the energies and scale of the room from the rough work in the smithy to the fine embroidery in the textile workshop.

Type: Competition proposal 
Client: MIA
Studio ØSA 2021
National timberfloating museum and center for wetlands, Fetsund, Norway.
The continuous horizontal roof tile spans between the two load-bearing structures, and on top of this rests a diverse roof landscape that varies according to the function of the pavilions.

Type: Competition proposal 
Client: MIA
Studio ØSA 2020
Tornacense (latin; Tourist)
The project proposes a landmark for the contemporary with an ambivalent polarity. On the pictorial level, it looks like a spire added to the iconic Copenhagen skyline. On the other hand, it expresses a pessimism in a capitalist era.
The tower is a commentary on the collision of mass impulses,  and is both a project proposal and an imaginary project.

Type: Thesis
The Royal Danish Academy, school of architecture 2019
5 rooms for Dürer, Holbein, Uccello, Ingres and Goya
 The work is an exhibition building made up of wooden elements that together form 5 rooms based on works from Dürer, Holbein, Uccello, Ingres and Goya.  The construction consist of building techniques and customs in wood, steel and brick, in a temporary structure that rethinks the uses of the different materials and the  renewing of traditional methods.
 The pavilion is constructed as a frame structure, lined with burnt wooden façades, treated with the Japanese burning technique shou-sugi-ban, a sustainable way of treating exterior facade coatings against fungi, rot, insect attack.
Type: 1:1 pavilion 
The Royal Danish Academy, school of architecture 2019
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